Keeping Our Families Safe

Background Check Policy

Please Read Our Background Check Policy
Before Completing A Membership
or Volunteer Application.

Solid Rock Homeschool Group Background Check Policy

Solid Rock applicants and volunteers must consent to a background check yearly.

Applicants and volunteers must read and consent to the policy prior to submitting their membership application or becoming a volunteer. Failure to meet policy will result in the dismissal of membership or volunteer status.

Consent for Solid Rock applicants is found within the membership application.

Background check forms and this policy document are available for those who wish to be a Solid Rock volunteer. Please see a Solid Rock leadership for a form.
Solid Rock Homeschool Group will not, under any circumstance, accept any criminal charges/convictions for the following criteria:
  • ANY abuse or neglect of children
  • ANY sexual criminal act of any kind
  • ANY felony where conviction or release from incarceration is fewer than five years prior to application

If an applicant has felony charges/convictions that fall into the criteria above, please refrain from applying as membership/volunteer status will be denied.

If an applicant has felony charges/convictions that do not fall into the criteria above, they must submit a letter of consideration to Solid Rock leadership, including:
  • The felony charges/convictions that will show on the background check.
  • An explanation of how Christ has changed his/her life.
  • Why he/she desires being a member or volunteer with Solid Rock Homeschool Group.
Solid Rock leadership will be responsible for processing background checks and determining eligibility based on policy. The identity of accepted individuals having a questionable background will not be disclosed in the interest of privacy and to minimize liability.

If a questionable background is found, Solid Rock leadership reserves the right to further investigate proof of character through additional references, face-to-face interview, and more in-depth background checks (with the cost being the responsibility of the applicant).

Please note that the church facility and/or insurance provider may override Solid Rock policy without notice, and Solid Rock leadership will comply with the policy they set forth. This may require the immediate dismissal of a member or volunteer.