Class registration is currently closed.

Fall classes begin September 20, 2024.


Thank you for an amazing winter semester! We are excited to see you in September for classes. 


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Registration Schedule

Class registration for Fall 2024 classes will be during August. 


No late registrations can be accepted. Thank you for registering on time. 

New to Solid Rock? You need to complete an application  during the month of July to become a member and register for Fall 2024 classes.

*Parents please use your own discretion with your children’s age and classes.

For example:


  • If your 5 year old is ready to be with the 6-9 group, register for those classes.


  • If your 13 year old wants to take a class being offered to the 9-12 year olds, register for that class.


We leave that decision up to you although some classes will have specific restrictions and/or prerequisites.


*Due to the need to provide adequate supervision for our entire program, classes registering fewer than 5 students at sign-up may be canceled to allow for appropriate coverage. 

How to Register for Classes

  1. The Semester fee is already in your cart.
  2. Click a Class Link
    • Enter Child’s First & Last Name
    • Add to Cart
    • Repeat until each child has a class for each hour.
    • Review your cart and check out.

Little Pebbles

New: Nursery and Tots will be separate.


Not sure where to put your walker? 


Read the class descriptions to see which one fits the developmental needs of your child.


Birth - Walking


Walking - 3 Years

Pre K and Kinders

New: Pre K and Kinders will be separate.


Please register your child for his appropriate age group.

Ages 6 - 9

Ages 9 - 12


Parents help or teach two hours and have a free hour.

  Would you like to try one of these classes during your free hour?