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  •  Solid Rock is a Christ-centered organization.  
  •  Our actions aim to honor Jesus Christ at all Solid Rock events.  



  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Show respect to each other.
  • If you have an issue with someone, take it to him or her.
  • If they do not listen, take someone as a witness and help.
  • If someone comes to you speaking badly about someone, ask him or her if they have gone to that person.  If not, speak not. 
  • If you are unable to resolve a problem, please go to your Leadership Team. Solid Rock values and expects honesty and integrity.  (Matt. 18:15-20) 



  •  There is currently no limit to Solid Rock’s general membership.
  •  There are limits to class sizes; once reached that class will be closed.   
  • Each student shall be enrolled in one class per hour.



  • Membership in Solid Rock requires the participation of at least one legal parent/guardian. 
  • One parent from each family is required to teach a class, help in a class, or help clean the church after Solid Rock functions, or serve in another capacity.
  • If a teacher is absent, you may be asked to fill in for the teacher or become a helper in the class. 
  • All parents attending and participating in campus days are required to fill out the form for, and clear, a background check. 



  • Attendance must be taken in each class when Solid Rock meets and on field trips. 
  • Teachers are encouraged to submit a substitute lesson plan to the Campus Leadership Team  prior to the start of the semester to be used should the teacher be unable to attend class for any reason.
  • Two adults will be placed in every classroom/group of children.



  • Children may not be left at a Solid Rock Campus Day, or any event, unattended.
  • If you must leave for a short time, you must work out accordingly with another parent willing to be responsible for your child/children and fill out a form to be given to the Campus Leadership Team.  Please see a Leadership Team Member for the form which is kept at the Welcome Desk.
  • The person you leave in charge of your child/children, must be at least 18 years of age. 



  • Teacher reimbursement for class materials will only occur after receipts supporting the purchase, and a completed Reimbursement Form, are turned into your Campus Treasurer.
  • Reimbursements will be done in a timely manner, generally within a week or two.
  • Reimbursement forms are available at the Welcome Desk or can  be printed from the website.  



  • Any adult assigned to the Nursery or Tots are required to change diapers and/or escort children to the bathroom as necessary.
  • Children assigned to the Nursery or Tots that are still in diapers or potty training are required to have a diaper bag with the child and/or family name on it. 



  • Visitors should notify a member of the Campus Leadership Team prior to the visit and are allowed to visit for one class day.
  • Visiting students may follow a friend or other students around to their class and parents are encouraged to check out the classes to get a better feel for our group. 
  • Upon arriving, visitors need to check in with a Campus Leadership Team member at the Welcome Center. 
  • It is expected that all visitors adhere to Solid Rock’s expectations and general policies for all members. 
  • If a visitor comes for more than one day, there needs to be a background check done for that person. 



  • We will pray at Campus Day morning assembly, and before Solid Rock activities and meals.
  • Teachers are also encouraged to pray before class. 



  • No foul or coarse language or jokes will be tolerated from anyone. This includes taking the Lord’s name in vain.
  • We value and expect honesty and integrity in conversation and deed. 



  • As members of this group, you are expected to show respect to the building and the spaces we use.
  • We are blessed to be able to use this facility and want to show gratitude by leaving it look better than we arrived! 



Media used at Solid Rock Events should:

  • Be in accord with our Statement of Faith
  • Not contain any reference to drugs/alcohol.
  • Not contain any subtle or overt reference to carnality or sexual promiscuity.
  • Not contain any profanity or swear words.
  • Not condone any unfaithfulness or other ungodly, disobedient lifestyle.
  • In a spirit of deference, consideration must always be given when determining proper types of music and volume. 



  • Teen groups will consist of any student ages 13-18 years of age.
  • Adequate supervision is required at all Solid Rock sponsored teen events. 
  • Please refrain from any physical displays of affection at any Solid Rock activities including Campus Days, Field Trips, and other events. 



  • As a Christian group we want to honor God in all that we do. This includes our actions as well as our clothing attire.
  • We have many young and impressionable men and women in our group and we need to do our best to dress in an appropriate manner.
  • Our goal is to teach our children to have respect for themselves and show consideration for others.

    Please consider the following dress attire:

  • No short shorts/short skirts (no midriff showing)
  • No halter tops, low cut tops, or spaghetti straps
  • If we notice a member is outside these guidelines, a Campus Leadership Team Member will be in contact to resolve the issue.



  • No illegal substances, alcohol, or weapons are  allowed at any Solid Rock activity. 



  • Please be prompt to all Solid Rock activities. 
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early as we will begin or leave on schedule.
  • The impression we make on others is a part of our testimony. 



  • If you, one of your children, or anyone in your household have an illness or have had a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in the 48 hours before Campus Day or another Solid Rock event, please stay home. 
  • If you are staying home and you teach a Campus Day class, please let a Campus Leadership Team member know as soon as possible, so we can get a replacement in your spot.   
  • In a rare event that 50% of the adult campus day participants call in sick prior to Campus Day, we will cancel Campus Day by posting to our Facebook page, sending out an email, or sending a text alert. 



  • If lice is discovered at Campus Day, the child will be removed from class immediately and parents will be notified via e-mail for documentation purposes.
  • A child must be free from lice for at least 48 hours prior to returning to Campus Day. 



  • If any child has a medical issue or other concern that Solid Rock should be aware of these should be listed on the family’s membership form and leadership should be notified.  Your child’s safety is important to Solid Rock.
  • If any child has a medical concern, reaction, or situation that occurs at a Solid Rock event the parent needs to be notified immediately.
  • The parent is responsible for handling and administering any needed medicine.
  • Solid Rock does not stock any medical supplies outside of a basic First-Aid Kit.
  • Solid Rock does not have trained medical staff.



  • If the Lakewood Area Schools are closed due to inclement weather, we will NOT meet. Leadership will also take into consideration other school districts where our members reside in the case Lakewood either does not have school or does not close in a timely manner due to inclement weather.
  • If they are delayed because of weather, we will still meet on time. 
  • There may be other times in which the Campus Leadership Team may determine to cancel campus days or other events. 
  • If we have an outdoor event planned and you are concerned about the weather, please do what you feel is best for your family. 
  • If the church we are meeting in has a Funeral on a campus day, classes may also be canceled. 
  • Attempts will be made to let each of you know if we cancel Campus Day by posting to our Facebook page, sending an email, or sending text alert. 



  • The information in our directory is for use by its member families only.
  • We ask that you respect some members’ desire to keep their personal information private. 
  • Please do not share any information from the directory with any outside individuals or organizations without permission. 
  • Please use caution when posting photos on public pages/social media that include Solid Rock members other than your own family.  Some families prefer a limited or non-existent presence on those platforms. When in doubt, please ask before posting photos of others.  Photos may be shared freely on the private Facebook page. 



As representatives of Christ and Solid Rock Homeschool Group, please remember to arrive on time, be respectful, and show gratitude at any group event.    

Fee Payment: 

  • If there is a cost involved with a field trip or special event, the fee must be paid at the time of your registration, unless otherwise specified by the field trip coordinator. 
  • Refunds because of your cancellation are dependent upon your giving proper notice of not being able to attend, the refund policy of the field trip destination, and/or if there is someone on the waiting list who is willing to step into your place. 


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before a field trip is to begin. This provides us the opportunity to give last-minute instructions and to get organized before beginning. 


  • Please be attentive, courteous, polite and prepared with good questions for our tour guide. 
  • Remember to thank the tour guide at the end of the field trip.


  • It is a privilege to participate in a field trip. 
  • We understand that children will misbehave or just have a bad day occasionally; however, this should be corrected and inappropriate behavior addressed. 
  • Dangerous, belligerent, or blatantly disrespectful behavior may result in immediate expulsion from field trips for a set amount of time deemed appropriate by the Campus Leadership Team. 


One of our goals is to reinforce godly characteristics. In as much we expect everyone to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, treating other people as they would like to be treated. 

·      Students are expected to follow instructions and to not be disruptive. No talking out of turn during class. 

·      Proper respect for those in authority over us must be given at all times. 

·      Please be kind, courteous, and respectful of other people, their beliefs and their property. 

·      Serve one another in love. 

·      Students should be either in the class they signed up for or assisting in the class they are a teacher’s aide in. 

·      Students may not wander during class. 

·      Please walk throughout the building unless you are in a gym class. 

·      There are places where students are not permitted at our location.  Please take note of those places and encourage your children to stay out of those places. 


If a student or child is being disruptive and/or not following instructions the following steps need to be taken — Preferably by either the parent (if they are in the class) or the teachers.  The following steps are not necessarily to be used as a set order, but rather to use what is best for each situation. 

·      First, begin by simply correcting the child. 

·      If the behavior continues or escalates that same day, take the child aside or out of the room and explain what is expected of them. Tell them what they need to be doing and explain the consequences of misbehavior. 

·      If on the same day the negative behavior continues, one of the teachers will need to take the child to their parent and explain the behavior. We do not wish for the parent to become defensive with the adult who brings the child to them.

·      If the behavior continues and/or becomes a chronic behavioral problem, the parent(s) will be informed that the child is not able to continue taking that class for the rest of the term, and there will be no refund given.

·      If an immediate removal of the student is appropriate, the student should be taken directly to a Campus Leadership Team member.  The Campus Leadership Team will take up the issue with the parents and take appropriate measures.  The Campus Leadership Team retains the right to expel any child or family from one or all Solid Rock Homeschool Group classes if the student’s behavior is intentionally or recklessly dangerous, belligerent, or blatantly disrespectful.  It also retains the right to revoke Solid Rock membership at any time without refund.